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planning, lifestyle, etc.

A Day Cream I Can Trust

A day cream I can trust by Sam Granger

I think I’ve found The One! In terms of daytime moisturiser, at least. This year has been a year of skincare product trial and error. I’ve been through so many creams and they’ve all left my dehydrated but oily skin feeling tight and gross. That is until I found Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. The little tube in the photo was part of a free gift set I got and oh my god, yes it is it. There is no tightness and it feels so nourishing without leaving my skin greasy. I use it in the morning after I cleanse and tone, and I sometimes pop a bit on top of my Antipodes Divine Face Oil in the evening, for some extra oomph. I can also go a few days without using my hydrating serum and my skin doesn’t completely freak out. Woohoo! While I wish my skin was hunky-dory on a supermarket-bought cream, it just isn’t – I’ve tried nearly every one of them just to be sure.

My skin – and by that I mean me – is developing an obsession for Antipodes products, no joke. You are likely to be reading (and hearing) more about this brand in the future, sorrynotsorry!

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