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Six Summery Nail Polishes

Six Summery Nail Polishes by Sam Granger

Now that it finally feels like summer, I’ve been feeling a little more inclined to do my nails more often. Here are some polishes I love for creating a summery mani-pedi, and most of them are inexpensive too! I’ve included links to online purchase options when shipping to NZ is available, plus I’ve include my local sources. Please note that prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Six Summery Nail Polishes by Sam Granger

L.A Girl Splatter in Splash, $5. This one has chunky white and green hexagonal glitter, along with smaller white bits, in a clear base. I love this on its own, over pale green, or over a contrasting colour like crimson. The formula is pretty decent, but you do need at least two coats to get a nice effect. // You can sometimes find this brand in Postie and Makeup Clearance stores.

Sinful Colors’ Thimbleberry, $5, a deep pink cream formula. I love this on it’s own, but also underneath Splash. It’s a two or more coater to reach decent opacity, so apply it in thin layers to help it last longer. // I bought mine from Kmart, but I’ve seen the brand at Life Pharmacy, just more expensive than Kmart.

Mint Apple by Sinful Colours, $5, a medium aquamarine with a very pretty shimmer. This is another multiple-coater if you want it to be opaque, but I find I still see a bit of my nail line even with three coats. I like to pair this with Splash on accent nails. // Again, I got mine from Kmart.

Coral Colors’ Slate, under $10. My favourite pedicure colour of all time. I cannot tell you how much I freakin’ love this colour! It’s my go-to pedi polish when I do my own nails. It’s a two coater and I find the cream formula applies easily and nicely. I do wear it on my fingernails as well, but I just love-love it on my toes, all year round. The photo makes it seem slightly metalic, but it’s not at all. // I got mine a few years ago so I don’t remember the source, but many dollar shops and pharmacies stock the brand.

Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light, $8. If you watch my videos you’ll have seen me talk about this polish a couple of times. I am obsessed with this right now, I will not lie. Whenever I have it on I basically just stare at my nails twinkling in the light for ages at a time. For someone who is not a huge glitter fan, I am fully on board with this one! I love to wear it over pretty much anything, but especially the next polish, although it looks lovely by itself. // I grabbed my bottle from Kmart.

Limo-scene by Essie, $22, a pretty pale pink. This is a sheer cream polish. Even with three coats I can see my nails underneath, so if you desire full opacity, this baby is not for you. It would make a beautiful French manicure pink, because it’s quite neutral and subtle. As I mentioned above, I love how Strobe Light looks on top. The formula is decent, but it can be a bit streaky so be careful when applying your coats. // I bought mine from Farmers.

There you have it! See anything you like? Do share some of your fave summery shades with me, as I love adding to my wishlist.

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