planning, lifestyle, etc.

planning, lifestyle, etc.

Month: January 2015

January Favourites 2015

My January favourites are here! I’ve been into some body, hair, skincare, nails, makeup and scrapbooking things this month. Enjoy!

Notes #4: Special Appearrance By Bunnies

Life: Another hectic week has come to a close. It included beginning my first Whole30 – which, while it’s definitely had it’s hard parts, has actually been okay so far. There was also the test I had on Thursday – it was okay? I never […]

What’s In My Bag?

Take a peek inside my bag and see what kind of kitchen sink I carry in it. Wink.

Notes #3

Life: Life this week has been rather hectic! You may have noticed I didn’t post on Thursday as per usual, and my crazy university work-load is to blame. That being said, I did manage a moment to try out the new Salted Caramel Magnum (pictured) […]

Bright Blue Eyeshadow Look

I did some playing around with most of the blue shades from the BYS Striking Shades palette and came up with this look. Kinda reminds me of the dress Elsa wears in Frozen. Enjoy! x

High End Makeup Wishlist

The more I get into beauty and makeup, the more I find that high-end products are creeping onto my wishlists. Maybe it’s psychological – the element of supposed luxury that comes with certain products. Perhaps it’s that some of these products genuinely are better quality […]

Notes #2

Life: Uni started back this week. I have six weeks of summer school until I am officially done with my BA degree! I’m very excited to be finished, but I’m also rather nervous about what comes after that. Mostly, right now, I’m trying to find […]

Light Summer/Back To School Makeup Tutorial

Given the warmer weather and the little time I have to get ready on summer-school days, I thought I’d share the makeup I’ve been wearing this week. It’s a) quick, and b) not heavy on the skin, which means my skin can breathe in this […]

Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

I often find myself reaching for different products according to the season and many of them end up in my makeup for when I’m out and about. Speaking of makeup bags, the one in the photo was part of a Baylis & Harding gift set […]

Inexpensive Art For Your Home or Room

One of my favourite things to do is decorate my flat. I like to switch things up every now and then, but I don’t have a lot of money so instead of repainting or buying a new sofa, I stick to things like artwork and […]