Notes #1

Notes #1

Life: This week has been fairly relaxed as I enjoy my last days of freedom before university is back in session tomorrow (fortunately I don’t have classes until Wednesday, yippee!). I’ve been spending time with family and helping my parents out a little bit on their farm. I’m not a big New Year celebrator so I stayed in and watched movies. I must also admit that I’ve been indulging in some post-Christmas and New Year sales, oh dear! There have been some good books read too, and I began my very first Project Life scrapbook.

The Painter’s Apprentice | The Poet’s Wife | Project Life

Food: I’m still suffering from holiday season indulgence. I’m slowly getting back into eating a more balanced, less sugar-laden diet, though. Top foodie pics from the week have been:

Mexican hot chocolate with marshmallows | Blueberries and nectarines | Salads with a lot of avocado

Wearing: Summer appears to have hit New Zealand, finally, and the past week has been hot to boot. I’ve been living in shorts from Kmart. I picked up two pairs, one a floaty printed pair and the other a more classic black. They’ve been great for when I’m out and about, as well as at home, although to be honest you might be more likely to find me wearing underwear and tank at home! Sitting in front of the fan with a bucket of ice blocks next to me…

Hope your Sunday is just as you like it. x

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