Notes #3

Notes #3

Life: Life this week has been rather hectic! You may have noticed I didn’t post on Thursday as per usual, and my crazy university work-load is to blame. That being said, I did manage a moment to try out the new Salted Caramel Magnum (pictured) – it’s silver on the outside, then has a layer of chocolate and then the ice cream inside with caramel swirls. I must say it wasn’t as salted as I like my salted caramel to be, but the pretty silver was a novelty. On Tuesday is was my nephew’s 5th birthday, and Saturday was his party. We had a great time and you can see a photo from that below (classic Tyler!). The other birthday this week belongs to Phoebe, my sweet cat. She was born around mid-January 2014, so I picked the 16th to celebrate. The middle and right photos above are from the day I adopted her in April last year, and the one on the left is from Friday. Love that cutesicle!

Tyler's birthday 2015

Food: On Wednesday I went to lunch with a dear friend at one my favourite restaurants, Orleans. It’s on Customs St East in Auckland city and serves delish southern American cuisine. We both decided to get a main, one side each, and split two sides. Well, we will not be doing that again because we were basically stuffed to the max after. Except that we, of course, had to get some desert from Milse, because tradition. Yeah, needless to say, our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs and we have learned our lesson. Probably…

Beauty: I splurged on the Sigma E40 brush from here, and, man, it is good! It really is an amazing blending brush and I highly recommend it (or one like it) to get beautifully diffused shadow. Game changer, for sure.

Happy Sunday! x

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