Notes #4: Special Appearrance By Bunnies

Notes #4

Life: Another hectic week has come to a close. It included beginning my first Whole30 – which, while it’s definitely had it’s hard parts, has actually been okay so far. There was also the test I had on Thursday – it was okay? I never can tell, ha! On Friday, I spent a bit of time with my mum and three out of six of my nieces and nephews; we did some exploring in the bush on the family farm. We also ended up having to rescue three baby bunnies (I’m holding ’em all in the photo above – in one hand!), which you can read more about below. Then, yesterday, I finally took the plunge and got a hair cut. Not just a trim, this time!

Hair cut January 2015

Nope, this time I got it cut cut. It’s now shoulder length and fabulous! Although I adored my long hair, it was getting to be too much in the heat and I was ready for a bit of a change.

Food: This week I began my Whole30 journey, which you can follow along via my Instagram – I update about once a day on how the day has gone. So far it’s been pretty good, though I’ve definitely experienced some hardcore cravings and my fair share of bad moods as my body adjust to ZERO added sugar and junk. I’m on day eight and I’m so proud of myself for making it this far.

Beauty: Hands down my favourite beauty thing this week is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette that I received from one of my best friends for Christmas (it took a while to arrive, we thought it was lost!). I have no words. The colours are beautiful and the quality is fantastic!

Bunnies: For those interested, the baby bunnies were in a burrow made in a pile of bark – not a particularly suitable area given it’s susceptibility to collapsing, and also being extremely easy for predators to access. Speaking of predators, one of my parents’ dogs and cats found the nest, and, well, you know (yeah, sorry!). Generally, if you ever come across a nest of baby rabbits, you should always leave them alone, or remake the nest if it’s been disturbed. Rabbit mums only come back to the nest at night, when it’s safer, so even if it seems like she’s not around, she probably is. Unless you know for sure she’s dead, just leave them be. Despite my mum trying to make the burrow more hidden and safe, the cat still managed to get to them, so at that point Mum decided to remove theĀ  remaining three bunnies.

I spent ages researching online about baby bunny care and found that the chances of survival are extremely slim for a variety of reasons; they’re very delicate wee things. We were unable to source any milk formula that would be suitable, but after speaking to an expert she suggested Critical Care herbivore liquid as an option, and offering blades of grass and clover. We knew they were about two weeks old base on their weights. Despite mum’s best efforts, the poor wee things didn’t make it. Ugly-cry. At least we tried, I guess. The photo below is of the one my niece named Strawberry, asleep in her hand, awaiting the emergency bunny bed.

Strawberry bunny

Even though they are no longer with us, at least we have these photos to remind us that baby bunnies are probably the cutest kind of babies around, right? I mean…?

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