planning, lifestyle, etc.

planning, lifestyle, etc.

Month: March 2015

Favourite Makeup Brushes

My Holy Grail brushes, at the moment. xx

Notes #8

Last Monday I received my Erin Condren planner in the mail, so of course I’ve spent the last week nerding out over planner use and decorating. When I ordered it I had no idea that people actually decorated planners at all, but YouTube has shown […]

Lush Favourites

I’m a bit obsessed with Lush. Have been since 2003, when my eldest sister posted me a bunch of Lush body glitter melts when she was studying at Oxford. New Zealand didn’t have Lush back then, but now my local mall has a store and […]

Drugstore BB Cream Review

BB creams are kind of old news, aren’t they? Now we’re on CC, EE, and I don’t even know. Nevertheless, BBs are still a popular choice for people who want something to even out their complexion without being too heavy, or too nothing. I must […]

Skincare Routine Video

Here’s my current skincare routine. I have oily skin which gets dehydrated, and this is what I find helps to keep it feeling its best. xx

Notes #7

As predicted, this week was pretty crazy. I had lots to do for family, including picking my nephew up from school. We had a good time checking out all the local parks and he has a good time collecting acorns, haha. I also spent all […]

Notes #6

Life: This past week has been insane. On Monday night my poor mama broke her wrist, so I’ve been filling in for her by looking after my grandma and picking up my youngest nephew from school (his picture is above-left). I’ve also had a bunch […]

February Favourites 2015

All my fave products from the month of February in one handy video for you. I’m pretty in-love with all these! Products Mentioned: Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Repair Mask Bourjois Micellar Cleaning Water Mitchum Clinical Protection Deodorant (I accidentally bought one for guys, but the […]

Notes #5

Well hello again! It has been a while, I know. Fortunately, I now have a wee bit more free time on my hands to blog and film videos, so you should be seeing me on the regular. I must say I am very happy about […]