Notes #6

Notes #6

Life: This past week has been insane. On Monday night my poor mama broke her wrist, so I’ve been filling in for her by looking after my grandma and picking up my youngest nephew from school (his picture is above-left). I’ve also had a bunch of other things to do on top of my usual commitments, so I’ve been a busy bunny! I don’t mind, and the week went by really quickly, but it has meant I didn’t have much time for blogging or job hunting. I’m gearing up for another busy week, but it’ll be good. My nephew is five and we have a thing where we try out a new park each day, weather permitting. I can’t wait to have kids, so this is good practice, right?

Food: Today is my Whole90 Day 50! Nearly 2/3 of the way there. I must say that this week I really could have used some cake, because Lady Things. I’ve been a little bored with food also, so I think I need to hunt for new meal ideas to amp things up. Also, Thing I Thought I Wouldn’t Eat But Did: sauerkraut. Will I eat it again? Probably, because I paid $4 for that can so I better use my money’s worth, ha!

Beauty: This week has been about quick and easy beauty routines, so BB cream and bare eyes. That is, if I bothered to wear makeup at all. I’m feeling a little bored with some of my current products, and I wish I could go for a shop. Sigh. Aside from that, I’m back into a pro nail polish phase. While I pretty much always have some on my toes, I go through periods of not wanting any on my fingernails. I think it’s because polish chips and I get sick of it lasting only a few days before it looks awful. I hate having chipped polish, it makes my eye twitch (Hello, my name is Monica from Friends, let me clean your life). Earlier in the week I put on some Coral Colors ‘Slate’ with my Orly Matte Top Coat. While I loved the look, it chipped really easily and peeled off. Twitch. This morning I chucked on my all-time fave Essie ‘Maximillian Strasse-her’ (also on my toes) to brighten things up. This polish lasts pretty well, too.

Wearing: Let me just talk for a mo’ about how even though it’s autumn, it’s still really flippin’ warm. I’m over it, quite frankly, especially because Auckland gets really humid, so I’m basically damp from 8am until 11pm, if not later. I’m sleeping with the fan on again. I literally have no clothing that is comfortable to wear in this heat, so I’ve spent the week being a damp and sweaty mess. Definitely not the most pleasant and feeling gross isn’t particularly great for the ol’ confidence/feeling nice/esteem. Hello, Autumn, please hurry. There aren’t enough breezy shorts and tanks in the world to help this.

How’s your week been? Tell me all the things! xx

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