Notes #7

Notes #7

As predicted, this week was pretty crazy. I had lots to do for family, including picking my nephew up from school. We had a good time checking out all the local parks and he has a good time collecting acorns, haha.

I also spent all week trying to learn how to use Lightworks to edit my videos. I’m finally getting there but have discovered that my phone’s camera doesn’t record video and audio at the same frame rate, which means that the audio slowly gets out of sync in Lightworks, as the video progresses. Que me freaking out after I exported a finished video only to find that out. So I edited the whole thing again, thinking I’d fixed the problem, but no! This morning I managed to figure out a somewhat straight-forward way to fix things and now the video is done, ready to be uploaded later. I’m pleased with it because I can do way more in Lightworks (like cut-aways). The top right photo is a hint at what the video is all about!

See that birdie up there? That’s a rosella, a type of Australian parrot that was introduced into New Zealand in the 1900s. We have a few that live around my area and this one was having a feast on one of the apples in my tree. It ate half of it, the pig! So cute, though, and really pretty. New Zealand mostly has wildlife that is boring, green and brown, so it’s nice to see some colour. Wink.

A couple of things you guys might be interested in:

Happy Sunday! xx

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