Drugstore BB Cream Review

Drugstore BB Creams

BB creams are kind of old news, aren’t they? Now we’re on CC, EE, and I don’t even know. Nevertheless, BBs are still a popular choice for people who want something to even out their complexion without being too heavy, or too nothing. I must say, at first, I was not at all sure what the fuss was about. I felt like they barely did anything for my skin, besides putting on a slightly tinted greasy layer. No, thank you! After some experimentation, though, I’ve figured out what works for me, and how to use them in a way that suits my skin.

Because I’m an oily gal, I generally use some sort of primer, even with a BB cream. My preferred primer is the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, to reduce le shine. Usually I always conceal under my eyes and around/on my nose, because my nose eats makeup. I also powder over the top of my BB using something like Rimmel Stay Matte Powder or Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder. There are some exceptions to these rules, though, which I will get to later. The following BBs are the ones I have used multiple times, and I feel like I have a pretty decent idea of how they work, for me.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light – under $20 NZD. This is the first one I ever tried and initially I was not a fan. Partly this was because I was expecting some sort of complexion miracle to happen. BB stands for beauty balm (or some variation thereof), but it didn’t make my skin look beautiful, quite frankly. It was more ‘meh’ than anything and boy did it cling to my dehydrated patches! This one is also for normal skin, whereas I have oily skin, so, obviously, that will make a difference in how it sits on my skin. However, now I do like this one, despite it being for normal skin. The coverage is light, and the consistency is fairly thick, more like a creamy concealer. I definitely find priming, concealing, and powdering is essential, though. It does have quite a glow to it, which pretty much shows up as ‘greasy’ on my face, and it wears on my nose.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Light – under $20 NZD. I tried this one next, and promptly spilled it down a white a top because I was expecting a consistency like the Garnier, but this one is runnier. Be careful! At first I hated this one, too, but it grew on me with time. The coverage is slightly better than with the Garnier, and up until recently, this was my go-to BB. It goes on so easily and blends in really well, using either fingers or a brush. It’s also easy to layer up if you want a little more coverage in some areas. Again, my prime + powder combo is necessary to keep things in place and reduce shine. It gets shiny within a couple of hours on me, and does wear off on my nose after awhile, so I conceal.

Moisture Mist BB Cream – $40 NZD. While this one is at the higher end of the drugstore, it’s my new fave. The coverage is pretty ‘full’ for a BB cream. It covers more than the previous two, so if you want something that gives you a little extra complexion-boost, this may be your BB. The consistency is thicker, much like the Garnier one, and it blends out easily with fingers or a brush. It does give you a glow, but it’s not super greasy on me. I can get away with skipping the primer before this one, using a touch of concealer around my nose, and a dash of powder to set everything. I do get shiny, but it takes longer (more like 2-3 hours, instead of 1-2), and the breakdown on my nose takes longer. The product is scented, so if that annoys you (like it annoys me…), give it a sniff before you buy. The other downside is that is appears to only come in one shade, and it’s not clear whether it’s supposed to match to whatever skin tone it’s used on. It’s definitely light, since it’s pretty much perfect for my skin and I’m pale (almost always the lightest shade of anything, except at the height of summer).

I’m always on the hunt for new-to-me BBs (or CCs or EEs or…ZZzzz?), so let me know what you love, hate, want, and so on!

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