Lush Favourites

Lush Favourites

I’m a bit obsessed with Lush. Have been since 2003, when my eldest sister posted me a bunch of Lush body glitter melts when she was studying at Oxford. New Zealand didn’t have Lush back then, but now my local mall has a store and it is one of my favourite places there. The scents wafting out draw me like a seductive (invisible) mist. Or something. I want to keep track of which ones I’ve tried and loved, so here are my Lush Favourites.

Let’s start with bath stuff, which is probably my most favourite category. Floating Island bath melt – (pictured above, right) makes my skin feel soft and smooth, and I only use half per bath! Avobath bath bomb – a lemongrass scented delight. Butterball bath bomb – this smells delish, but the best part is the cocoa butter bits in it melt into the water and leave my skin so freaking soft. Honeybee bath bomb – (pictured above, left) might just be my most-loved of the bunch, caramel scented and kinda divine. The Dragon’s Egg bath bomb is a fun one, and smells so, so good. I just like all the bits, and ohmygosh, yes! Rose Queen bath bomb – I love rose so very much and this makes the water a gorgeous pink with actual flower petals in it. Sex Bomb bath bomb – another fresh scented one, gorgeous colours, and the flower in the center is super fun to play with. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar – (pictured above, center) I love a good bubble bath and this bar is fantastic. I only need to use about a quarter per bath.

For the shower, I like the Snowman shower jelly, which is not a permanent product and was released last year for Christmas. I hope it will be back because it smells amazing. Apparently it shares its scent with Carrot Soap, which I’m not sure we get here in New Zealand, and the Celebrate Body Lotion (not currently listed in the NZ website).

When it comes to face products, I do love a good mask. Cupcake fresh face mask – a chocolatey, cakey scented one for oily and teenage skin. Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask – the one for when I have irritated, spotty skin. Bubblegum lip scrub – fruity bubblegum scent and flavour. Latte lip tint – a nice bronze tint with coffee and vanilla scent and flavour.

For the rest, I like Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, a lemon scented rich butter for cuticles (I use it all over my hands).

Clearly I have a thing for bath bombs! I must branch out and try other things, so do let me know what you love so I can get ideas. 🙂

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog after having been consumed by your bullet journal and life planner videos! I WANNA START TOO… but I feel like I just wouldn’t have the time… either that or I’d buy the planner and never actually take it anywhere or use it. I bought a 2015 planner last year and didn’t put a single thing in it.
    Anyways… I actually make bath and body products. I’m only fairly new in that while i’ve been ‘established’ a little while, I’m only a tiny little dot in the grand scheme of bath and body product manufacturing. If you’re interested though you can find me by looking up Heavenly Bath Treats on both instagram and facebook!
    I also have a blog, but like everything else I started it and stopped, having been unable to come up with ideas to post. Such a shame! My blog is

    Enjoy your day x

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for getting in touch! My advice for starting a Bujo is to just take the plunge and try. Buy a cheaper notebook in case it turns out not to be your thing, and then you can always pick up a Leuchtturm, Moleskine or another brand, if you do enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate with super fancy lettering, etc. Keep it simple at first. 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know about your bath products, I’ll check them out! xo

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