Plan With Me #3

Plan With Me #3 by Sam Granger

I have a new Plan With Me video up. It’s a purple and turquoise themed one to go with the April Erin Condren theme.

I’ve also tried something new – making a time-lapse of the decorating, in case you don’t want the chatting and just to see how it all came together. You can watch that below!

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2016 Scrapbook So Far

April 2016 Scrapbook Update by Sam Granger

This year I decided to scrapbook using the ProjectLife App for Android (it’s available for iOS as well). It’s kind of revolutionary if you take a lot of photos on our phone and aren’t averse to doing things digitally on your mobile device. I definitely get why many people still prefer the physical form of ProjectLife/other pocket scrapbooking systems. It’s exciting to sit there at a table or wherever, with all your printed photos, your album, pocket pages, cards, and embellishments. I still do physical scrapbooking, because I love how utterly calming it is for me to sit amongst all that stuff and get creative. So, I’m scrapbooking old photos at the moment using the physical version, but for documenting my year? It’s the app all the way.

It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s cost effective, and I can do it whenever and wherever. I also find it as fun as physical scrapbooking. I worried that it might be somehow less fun or less creative, but it isn’t. Maybe if I liked adding embellishments or my own hand lettering or stickers to physical pages the app wouldn’t feel as freely  creative?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the pages I’ve made so far this  year.

A few things to note

I haven’t included all my pages or pages from every single week – ‘missing’ weeks aren’t really missing, I just didn’t want this post to be even longer.

You can click on the images to see larger versions. I wanted the post to load faster than it would have had I included larger images!

The links to the card kits are for the digital products, which are used in Photoshop and, therefore, cannot be used in the app. I’m linking to the digital product since I can’t link directly to the app products. This means you can still preview what the sets look like in their entirety before you buy through the app.

2016 Scrapbook, First Page by Sam Granger

This is the first page of the album. Because I’m documenting 52 weeks this year, I’m using the Project 52 2016 Edition (P52-16) kit, at least for the title cards of each week. This spread is all P52-16 though.

2016 Scrapbook, Week 1, Page 1 by Sam Granger

2016 Scrapbook, Week 1, Page 2 by Sam Granger

For the first several weeks I stuck to using the P52-16 kit. It’s a lovely set with a modern feel. I love the mixture of black and white cards and ones with colours.

2016 Scrapbook, Week 2, Page 1 by Sam Granger

2016 Scrapbook, Week 2, Page 2 by Sam Granger

I like using a variety of layouts throughout my scrapbooks. The designs with lots of spaces, like above, is great for weeks when I take a lot of photos but don’t want to use too many pages. This was a good week!

2016 Scrapbook, Week 5, Page 1 by Sam Granger

In February, I switched up the font I used for the pages because I thought it would be a nice way to add a different vibe to each month. *Spoiler alert, I didn’t stick to this. I use whatever font I feel like week-by-week now, instead of doing one style per month.

2016 Scrapbook, Week 6, Page 2 by Sam Granger

This is from Week 6, and is basically just one big food porn page! Good thing I’m eating dinner in a minute, because this is making me hungry!

2016 Scrapbook, Week 7, Page 1 by Sam Granger

For the first few months, I pretty much stuck to black or near-black font colours, but you will notice later on that I introduce some brighter tones to my text.

2016 Scrapbook, Week 9, Page 1 by Sam Granger 2016 Scrapbook, Week 9, Page 2 by Sam Granger

Week 9 is one of my favourite spreads. I love all the blue! You will notice that I chose a different font as well.

2016 Scrapbook, Week 11, Page 1 by Sam Granger 2016 Scrapbook, Week 11, Page 2 by Sam Granger

In Week 11 I was feeling a bit limited by always using the filler and journal cards from P52-16, so I decided to use different card packs to add fillers and journalling. I had to let go of the idea of them matching perfectly with P52-16. It’s worth noting, though, that there are lots of kits – or cards within kits – that work very nicely with Project 52, so if you wanted a better match, it’s possible. I just fell in love with the Inspire Edition and had to use it!

2016 Scrapbook, Week 12, Page 1 by Sam Granger 2016 Scrapbook, Week 12, Page 2 by Sam Granger 2016 Scrapbook, Week 12, Page 3 by Sam Granger

Weel 12 included Easter and I really wanted some ‘Eastery’ cards to use. Luckily the Holidays Mini Kit has some really cute Easter cards in it, so I bought that to add some colourful pastels to the mix. I also used some XOXO Themed Cards as well.

So far, I’ve printed about half of these pages out and put them into my scrapbook and it makes me so very happy!

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March Bookclub

Book Club by Sam Granger

Welcome to the March Bookclub! Every month I let you know what I read, how I liked it (or didn’t), and also show you some of the books I want to read next month.

Due to the nature of this type of post, there may be some spoilers in my reviews, so read on with caution. Generally, I will give a brief overview of what the book is like (much like a back cover would), but I won’t give away major plot points and such. I will always warn you if I ever do, though!

What I read in March

Happier at Home: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Cram My Day with What I Love, Hold More Tightly, Embrace Here, and Remember Now by Gretchen Rubin

As I mentioned last time, this month I wanted to read Happier At Home, to continue my run through Rubin’s books on habits and happiness. This was a pretty easy and fairly quick read. The focus in the book was Rubin’s home life, including the home itself but also the ways she interacted with it and the other people living there. I liked having a bit of an update on her life since The Happiness Project book was release. I wanted to know what habits she formed during that first project that she had stuck to, if any.

What I didn’t like so much was that it did feel very similar to The Happiness Project and some information from the first book was repeated. It still gave me great ideas to try out in my own home life, though.


Sense and Sensibility by Jan Austen

I’ve been an Austen reader since I was in my early teens, beginning with Pride and Prejudice . This novel, however, is not one I believe I have read before! I own most of Austen’s works, but Sense and Sensibility hasn’t made it to my shelves yet, and I’m not sure I ever got it from the library as a teenager.

Anyway, I decided to read it this month because next month I will be attending a Jane Austen book club at my local library and Sense and Sensibility is the book we’re starting with. I figured I’d better go with more knowledge than just the Emma Thompson film version (Allen Rickman! Brb, crying.). I enjoyed the book, as I typically do with anything Austen. My teenage self can totally relate to Marianne – everything is uncensored emotion and passion. Now, though, I can relate more to Elinor: yep, feelings are useful and they exist and I acknowledge them to myself, but for the love of sanity, be rational too.

I did feel as though the book dragged on a bit and there were several occasions when I remember thinking “Oh just hurry UP already, what’s next?”.


Currently Reading

March has been a slow book month. I think technically I’ve only finished one book so far, because I have this awful habit of starting books before I finish others. Plus, I’ve been rather busy working on the design for this blog, and designing a website for my parents’ business, among other things. Reading had been happening mostly before bed, so I’ll only read for about 15-30 minutes a day. Which is seriously not enough!

Taking Charge of Anger: 6 Steps to Asserting Yourself without Losing Control by W. Robert Nay, PhD

This book interested me because I tend to bottle all my anger up and it festers away. While I don’t actually get really angry very often, I do find myself getting frustrated or irritated quite often with myself and others, or situations. I wanted to see if this book had some better ways of dealing with it. So far it’s been quite interesting – I don’t have an anger problem, but I definitely could work on expressing my anger more constructively and using assertive problem solving. I’m not finding it the most engaging read and I’m skimming some of it for that reason. I will let you know what my final verdict is once I finish the book.

What I want to read in April

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

I was supposed to read this during March but it didn’t happen, so I’m going to try and get it done in April. From my previous book club post: “Continuing on my habit research journey. I know very little about this book, so who knows what it will bring, but I look forward to it!”

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I’ll be skimming this for the May Jane Austen Book Club meeting, because I’ve read it so many times, most recently at the end of last year.



This is the plan, anyway. Here’s hoping I do better in April and actually read all the books I set out to!

What are you reading at the moment?

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