Just before 1am. I can’t sleep. My mind won’t switch off because I’m reading a fascinating book right now (Bringing Up Bébé  by Pamela Druckerman, about how the French typically raise children), I’ve had a busy week with family things, my seasonal allergies are annoying my throat, and, apparently, I’m having a lot of ideas. Like blog post ideas. And career ideas. And how-can-we-make-enough-money-to-have-babies-tomorrow ideas (so far I have bank robbery and something involving selling my body and/or spare organs, neither of which really appeal).

I figured I might as well start with one of the blog ideas: post every day for a week. This space doesn’t get the attention it should, especially when I consider the time, effort, and money I put into building it. To be fair, it wasn’t much money, but time and effort were the equivalents of  spending a fafillion dollars. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. My previous track record for completing blog “challenges” is very poor.

It’s only seven days.

Old makeup.

The above photo was taken yesterday at my grandmother’s house. She moved into a rest home a while ago and now we are preparing her home for rental. She was born in England in 1929 and despite living in New Zealand since the 1950s she has always considered herself absolutely English. Even though her accent is quite Kiwi-ised now. Another thing to note about her is that she is a hoarder. Not in the clinically diagnosed, needs-an-intervention sense, but she’s definitely sentimentally attached to lots of items. They all have rich stories and memories, so she rarely parted with these things – just stuffed them in a drawer or cupboard to stumble over at a later date while looking for something else. She also kept things that “might be useful”, which I think can be attributed to living through a world war, on rations and having to be thrifty.

Back to yesterday, I was sorting through the stuffed-to-bursting linen cupboard with a fafillion sheets (all flat ones, no fitted, which is my idea of hell). Tucked in among pillow cases and the aforementioned sheets I found this makeup palette, á la 1980s. It has powder blue eyeshadow and crème eyeshadow stacks, along with blushers and lipsticks (or “lipstacks”). I shared the photo on my Instagram and then one of my sister’s commented to say she thinks it was her’s when she was young! Imagine that! A preserved beauty item from your youth hiding in your Nan’s linen cupboard. This is one of the reasons she’s such a great grandma to have. Her quirks are so adorable. Most of the time anyway. The stuffing of tissue-wrapped biscuits into her handbag and forgetting about them until her bag is a cookie graveyard/ant banquet is slightly less charming.

But we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Black roses

Later the same day.  The above photo is of some amazing roses that my sister and I saw at the mall today. How beautiful are they?! I wanted to bring them all home, but pricey. I will subtly hint about them to the boyfriend, I think. Our anniversary is coming up.

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