September 26-30 Weekly Spread & Channel Updates

Hi guys, today’s video is about the spread I’ve been using this week. I didn’t do a full week, just the last 5 days of September so that I can start fresh for October! I’m obsessed with little cacti and succulent doodles, so they feature again in this spread. I’m going to be trying something new for my weekly and daily setups once October hits, so keep an eye out for that next week.

In the video I mention a couple of house-keeping things, so please do watch. I’ve also written about it below in a little more detail for anyone interested.

The housekeeping announcements in the video are important ones, I feel. As many of you will know from previous videos and also blog posts, in September I began studying for my Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) which involves working in a childcare centre for a minimum of 16 hours per week. Despite this new development, I stick to my September goal of uploading a video twice every week, but let me tell you, it has been a struggle! Particularly this past week as I have an assignment deadline looming and I adjust to the exhaustion of teaching 3- and 4-years-olds. I’m probably still recovering my strength from a nasty cold, as well (thank God for flu shots!).

This level of commitment and activity in my study and work life means that I have decided to drop back down to one upload per week, on a Friday at 10am New Zealand time (click here to find out what that time will be in your country). I’m a bit disappointed because I love making videos and it was so much fun to plan and upload twice a week, but I don’t want the quality of my content to suffer for the sake of quantity.

The other housekeeping issue I talked about is also related to a lack of time. Some of my recent uploads, particularly long and wordy ones, do not currently have proper Closed Captions on them. There is an option to view automated ones, but these are generally not good because it doesn’t recognise my accent properly. I’m hoping that by going back to one upload per week, I will be able to ensure all new uploads have CC at the time the video goes live. Additionally, I do want to go back over all my bullet journal videos that do not currently have CCs and add them. I will start with the most recent videos and work my way back. Obviously, this will only apply to videos in which I am talking.

Ok, that is all for the housekeeping stuff!

If you want to see a list of what I use to bujo, please click here.

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