Happy New Year (& Here’s a Bunch of Videos)

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. I spent Christmas with family and New Year’s Eve with new friends and my guy.

It hasn’t been all play, though. I’ve been busy making videos and putting them on my channel and not posting about them here. Oops! It’s been a busy time so I decided to wait and share them all together.

The first is my weekly spread from 19-25 December. I tried some different styling for my standard weekly and dailies.

The second video was an experimental live stream, sharing my Erin Condren dot grid notebook. I had a lot of fun doing this and definitely want to live stream again soon, I just need to work out making sure everything is better quality.

The third video is my January 2017 setup. I love this setup so much. I’ve got a bit back to basics with this.

My last video is a part of a collab with Ashton and Leslie all about setting up goals in our bullet journals. This was a really fun way to get more involved in the bullet journal community and I hope to do more collabs in the future! (Let me know if you’re interested.) Here’s my video:

Here’s Ashton’s video:

And here is Leslie’s video:

Okay, so now that you have 50 billion videos to watch, I’m going to leave you to it. I’ll be back soon with a new post! xx


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