Channel Update

Hello bullet journal lovers and others!

I’m currently sitting at my desk and I can see the most adorable, tiny wax-eye bird playing in my apple tree. I just had to mention it!

Anyway, the reason for this update is that I need to make some changes to my channel and I want to tell you about it. Don’t worry – the content will still be about bullet journaling. The change is my upload schedule.

With my graduate diploma rolling along and field practices coming up over the next six months, I feel my current schedule is taking time away from my studies. Therefore, I have decided to throw my weekly video schedule out the window and try something more flexible. Which is code for “I no longer have a schedule and will upload when I can.”

I feel a great sense of love and pride for my channel. I’ve worked really hard over the last year creating content that I love, and that I know other people enjoy (because they told me in comments and stuff). I adore the little community that’s build up around it. I love seeing familiar names in the comments, as well as on other social media. You are a truly great bunch of lovely, supportive people who I am so grateful have in my life.

There is a part of me that would love to do YouTube full-time,¬†so I’ve made this decision reluctantly. I’ve known for a couple of months that I probably¬†should do it because of how constantly busy I am. If I’m not planning, filming, editing or uploading a video, I’m reading through my course-work, or writing an assignment, or at my daycare centre volunteering, or working at my daycare centre, or helping family, or spending time with my fiance and our cats, or organising my life, or or or… You get the idea.

Like most people, there’s a lot going on and with my current commitments, I have to prioritise. As much as I’d love to put YouTube at the top, it’s not my primary source of income, it doesn’t have externally imposed deadlines, and the only impact it will have on my studies or work in early childhood education is negative (that is with my until-now upload schedule and while I have a lot going on with studies).

I’m serious about my graduate diploma and work as a teacher, so I want to give it as much as I can. The workload is basically a three-year degree squashed into just over a year, so it can be intense. I want to keep getting good grades and develop myself as a teacher over the next 8+ months.

So, while it’s not goodbye (I still have a video about using a bullet journal to help organise your studies that need to be edited), it’s see-you-less-frequently-on-YouTube.

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with personal and bullet journal happenings over on my Instagram, @samjgranger, and my channel’s FB page, Sam Granger.

Have a great day and I’ll see you soon! x

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