May 2017 Setup

This month’s setup is slightly different to what I have been doing the last few months. While I have a regular monthly log style on the left page, I decided to extend it across the right page. I used the week separator lines to do this, as you can see in the photo below.

So, on the left page, I will put appointments and reminders, as usual. The right side is for bills and overflow. At the top on the right, I have a space for notes and tasks that are currently dateless.

I’m not sure I particularly like how it’s turned out, and later I did go over the week separators and days of the week in a pale apricot marker to add some variety.

My initial conception of this setup was to use the right side as a free flow area, with dateless tasks I know I need to get done, as well as bills. But it worked out that I put all the bills on the date lines, so I now feel like I have to be more structured that originally planned. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes!

Below, you will find the video of how it all came together. 🙂 xx

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