June Setup

Time for another monthly setup. Last month I tried something slightly different and wasn’t all that impressed with it – it still needs work. So, this month I’m switching it up a little bit again.

As usual, the left page has my monthly log part, fairly traditional style. The difference is in the page on the right. I have created a box for my bills which I have separated into five different areas. Each area aligns with a week on the monthly log. My plan is to list down all the bills due in that week. I’m not necessarily going to do it as one day per line, since I will have multiple bills on certain days, so that won’t really work. I’ll probably just put the date due in front of the bill name, or draw a line to the corresponding day on the monthly log. Keep and eye on my Instagram, @samjgranger, because I will share what I end up doing on there.

On the right page, I also have a small space for tasks and my June tracker. I enjoyed using my tracker sticker last month, but I’m not tracking a lot at the moment so I don’t need to take up a whole page. Plus I’m irritatingly pedantic about the sticker page colour not matching the Leuchtturm page colour (insert eye roll here).

Check out the video down below for how it all came together! xx

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