Hand Lettering Ideas

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed playing around with is hand lettering. I remember drawing bubble and block letters as a child and teenager, practising my cursive alphabet, and playing around with colouring letters. I think it was just a natural artistic interest I had, along with many others at the time (like obsessive knitting as a 12-year-old).

When I began my bullet journal back in 2016, I found myself drawn (no pun intended) to the hand lettering I saw many people doing. Could I do that? I thought I’d try, at least! Fast-forward a year and a half and I now own brush pens and calligraphy supplies. I’m by no means a professional and I never find the time to practice more than every so often, but it’s certainly a fun hobby and a nice way to make my bullet journal look a bit more how I want it to.

I decided to make a video sharing some of my favourite hand lettering styles and techniques. I go through adding shading, highlights, brush lettering, faux calligraphy, mixing fonts, and adding doodles.

While I do show you how I do each style, it’s not a proper tutorial, so please check out these links for more detailed instructions if you need them. Will Paterson has a good beginners tutorial on brush lettering. Kara from Boho Berry created a great faux calligraphy tutorial over on her channel.

So, in this video, I’ve used a selection of different pens and markers. For brush lettering, I used Zig Art & Graphic Twin markers, and one I got from a Chinese shop and I have no translation for (so, it’s a Chinese or Japanese style calligraphy brush pen). For regular lettering, I used my Artline200 0.4 black pen and my PaperMate InkJoy Gel 0.7 in black. I used the Uni POCSA White 0.7 pen for some highlights, and the Faber-Castell Precision Needle Point Correction Pen for others. I also used Zebra Midliners¬†and a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner.

Hope you enjoy! x

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