planning, lifestyle, etc.

planning, lifestyle, etc.

Category: Beauty

First Impression: BYS Matte Foundation

I tried out the BYS Matte Foundation that I bought the other day. Watch to find out my thoughts on it. Enjoy!

Mini Fashion & Beauty Haul Video

I did a spot of shopping the other day and came home with a bunch of beauty and clothes. Er…oops? Enjoy!

A Day Cream I Can Trust

I think I’ve found The One! In terms of daytime moisturiser, at least. This year has been a year of skincare product trial and error. I’ve been through so many creams and they’ve all left my dehydrated but oily skin feeling tight and gross. That […]

My Favourite Makeup Remover

The bottle might say ‘for lids, lashes and lips’ but I use Clinique’s Take The Day Off everywhere when removing my makeup. It’s the best remover I’ve found so far, and I’ve been using it on and off for about six years. I keep going […]

My Current Everyday Makeup Look

I tend to go through phases of wearing a certain look for my everyday makeup. Here’s my latest take and the products I’m loving at the moment. Enjoy!

My Brow Routine

Brows are an incredibly hot topic right now, so much so that just about every day I see an eyebrow meme on social media. I’m definitely not immune to the brow hype – I want my brows to look amazing at all times, with or […]

November Favourites

It’s November favourites time. This month I’ve been loving some old-fave makeup products as well as something for the home and something to watch.

September Favourites

My very first favourites video ever, featuring skincare, makeup, makeup brushes, and hair stuff that I loved in September (and the preceding couple of months, to be honest). Enjoy!