Minimalist Weekly Log

Minimal Weekly Log by Sam Granger

I have a new video up of my minimal weekly log. I like to have an overview area before my dailies each week, which usually contains things like tasks I want to complete during that week, appointments, and bills. This means I can see at a glance some of the most important things without having to constantly flip back to my monthly log.

Minimal Weekly Log by Sam Granger

As you can see here, I have a title at the top with the week’s date range, then below this is my overview section. Spaces for tasks, appointments, bills, and my work hours. Then below this is a little flourish to separate the overview from my dailies.

Usually, I create my dailies as I go, but for the purpose of the video, I wrote each day out. Doing it as I go just means I have more flexibility with daily log size. So, if I have a particularly quiet or busy day, I’m not wasting or running out of space respectively.

Check out the (very quick) video down below to see how it all came together.

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Happy New Year (& Here’s a Bunch of Videos)

January 2017 Setup by Sam Granger

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. I spent Christmas with family and New Year’s Eve with new friends and my guy.

It hasn’t been all play, though. I’ve been busy making videos and putting them on my channel and not posting about them here. Oops! It’s been a busy time so I decided to wait and share them all together.

The first is my weekly spread from 19-25 December. I tried some different styling for my standard weekly and dailies.

The second video was an experimental live stream, sharing my Erin Condren dot grid notebook. I had a lot of fun doing this and definitely want to live stream again soon, I just need to work out making sure everything is better quality.

The third video is my January 2017 setup. I love this setup so much. I’ve got a bit back to basics with this.

My last video is a part of a collab with Ashton and Leslie all about setting up goals in our bullet journals. This was a really fun way to get more involved in the bullet journal community and I hope to do more collabs in the future! (Let me know if you’re interested.) Here’s my video:

Here’s Ashton’s video:

And here is Leslie’s video:

Okay, so now that you have 50 billion videos to watch, I’m going to leave you to it. I’ll be back soon with a new post! xx


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Weekly Spread – December 12-18

December 12-18 by Sam Granger

Hi guys, this week I’m trying out a new weekly spread style, using a vertical dutch door. This uses a total of 4 pages. The first page has 3 dailies, the second is the dutch door with contains a week overview, goals and other notes, and my study plan. The fourth page has the last 4 days of the week.

Since I’ve been using this for four days already, I have a few notes for what I do and don’t like. The first is that the dailies are too big – I don’t need that much space because my study tasks have their own page. On that note, I don’t like that my study plan isn’t clearly visible. As you can see in the video, the study plan is on the underside of the dutch door, so when it’s folded it’s inside and you have to unfold the page to see it. All in all, I don’t think I’ll use this configuration again. The dutch door is pretty cool, but I feel like that might be more related to the novelty of it, rather than function. Lastly, it used one more page that I’ve been averaging lately. I can fit all my dailies on one page at the moment, so I end up using a total of three for my week.

As always, if you want to learn more about the resources I use for my bullet journal, please check out this page.

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October 1-9 Weekly Spread

October 1-9 by Sam Granger

This week I wanted to try something new for me in my bullet journal. I’ve been finding that with my previous weekly spread layouts (two pages for the whole week) I didn’t always have enough room for each day. Obviously, this issue is why traditional bullet journal rapid logging for each day works so well – you use the space you need for that day. So, I decided to incorporate rapid logging, which is what I used to do, for my dailies. However, I still needed a page that I could use as an overview for the week. I wanted a space to jot down notes, goals, appointments and things that wouldn’t necessarily fit in my monthly log. This video is all about how I created the weekly overview and then an example of dailies design I wanted to use for this week.

For a list of tools and resources I use to bullet journal, please click here.

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September 26-30 Weekly Spread & Channel Updates

September 26-30 by Sam Granger

Hi guys, today’s video is about the spread I’ve been using this week. I didn’t do a full week, just the last 5 days of September so that I can start fresh for October! I’m obsessed with little cacti and succulent doodles, so they feature again in this spread. I’m going to be trying something new for my weekly and daily setups once October hits, so keep an eye out for that next week.

In the video I mention a couple of house-keeping things, so please do watch. I’ve also written about it below in a little more detail for anyone interested.

The housekeeping announcements in the video are important ones, I feel. As many of you will know from previous videos and also blog posts, in September I began studying for my Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) which involves working in a childcare centre for a minimum of 16 hours per week. Despite this new development, I stick to my September goal of uploading a video twice every week, but let me tell you, it has been a struggle! Particularly this past week as I have an assignment deadline looming and I adjust to the exhaustion of teaching 3- and 4-years-olds. I’m probably still recovering my strength from a nasty cold, as well (thank God for flu shots!).

This level of commitment and activity in my study and work life means that I have decided to drop back down to one upload per week, on a Friday at 10am New Zealand time (click here to find out what that time will be in your country). I’m a bit disappointed because I love making videos and it was so much fun to plan and upload twice a week, but I don’t want the quality of my content to suffer for the sake of quantity.

The other housekeeping issue I talked about is also related to a lack of time. Some of my recent uploads, particularly long and wordy ones, do not currently have proper Closed Captions on them. There is an option to view automated ones, but these are generally not good because it doesn’t recognise my accent properly. I’m hoping that by going back to one upload per week, I will be able to ensure all new uploads have CC at the time the video goes live. Additionally, I do want to go back over all my bullet journal videos that do not currently have CCs and add them. I will start with the most recent videos and work my way back. Obviously, this will only apply to videos in which I am talking.

Ok, that is all for the housekeeping stuff!

If you want to see a list of what I use to bujo, please click here.

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September 19-25 Weekly Spread

September 19-25 Weekly Spread by Sam Granger

As I mentioned over on my Instagram…

This has been my spread for this week. I’ve quite liked using a slightly more “traditional” bujo element by having the days in bigger spaces. It’s been good for those days when I have a lot going on, but setting them out in advance still means I can either waste space or run out! 😢

I do it in advance because I often can’t be bothered making it look pretty on a daily basis: I’m busy or tired or just not feeling it. Sigh! Maybe I’ll try a pretty weekly overview spread, then dailies that are more relaxed and do-as-I-go.

For information about what I use to bullet journal, please see this page.

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September 12-18 Spread + 1k Subs

September 12-18 spread by Sam Granger

This Friday’s video is of my September 12th to 18th bullet journal spread. I went for another mostly black scheme with a little pop of colour for the weather icons. I like this layout a lot, actually. I like having a spread header again, so I will probably try to incorporate that again.

For information about all the tools I use to bujo, please click here.

Now, onto some news: Overnight I reached 1000 subscribers on Youtube! This is a really exciting milestone for me. It was back at the beginning of August that I reached my 200 subscriber goal. That was the goal I set back in February that I wanted to reach by the end of this year. My other major goal was to make enough revenue on YouTube to reach the threshold of being able to receive a payment, which will happen soon. Those were the two goals I had, and to be honest, I haven’t really considered what other milestones and goals I want to strive for. So reaching 1000 subscribers is like icing on the cake, and icing I wasn’t expecting any time soon! It feels quite unreal right now and I want to enjoy this moment.

One of the things I’ve been loving about growing my audience is the interaction with everyone. There are people who often comment, either on YouTube or Instagram and so now I’m recognising them, and actually conversing with them. I love being able to talk to people about bullet journaling, planning, and whatever else. I think the bujo community is a really awesome one to be a part of!

Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope your week is going well and that you have an amazing weekend. xo

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September Review Setup & September 1-4

Sep Review Setup and Sep 1-4 by Sam Granger

Today’s video is all about setting up my September review page and the first week of September. I usually do my review page setup along with the monthly setup, but I completely forgot to do it for September! It’s a little late, but at least you’ll get to see it. :p I also wanted to do a spread for September 1-4, so I included that in this video, too.

I am so liking the simplicity of the weekly spread. It’s mostly black pen and there is something to soothing about just doing a whole spread in one colour.  Clarissa on IG is one of my favourites for that kind of thing.

What I use to bullet journal

  • Leuchtturm 1917 medium dot grid notebook in pink (bought from
  • Pilot G-Tec-C 0.4 pen in black
  • UniPin Fine Line 0.5 pen in black
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens in assorted colours
  • Whitcoulls Fineliner pens in assorted colours
  • Faber-Castell coloured pencils
  • Zig Art & Graphic Twin markers by Kuretake
  • Ruler
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