planning, lifestyle, etc.

planning, lifestyle, etc.

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What I Ate & BuJo Meal Tracker

Trying out something new today. A what-ate-video mixed with how I use my BuJo to meal track. Enjoy!

Colour With Me #1

Hi guys! I decided to make a colouring video. A few weeks ago I felt super-relaxed while watching a sped-up video of myself colouring in my bullet journal. My boyfriend suggested I make a video of colouring, which sounded fun, so here we are. I […]

Stationery Unboxing

Yesterday I received a parcel from one of my best friends, FULL of cool stationery from Europe. Obviously, I had to film an unboxing so she could see (and so could you!). In actual heaven.

Videos Since Last We Met

I am a terrible blogger. I completely forget this space exists most of the time – I just don’t think I’m much of a blogger. I could be falsely enthusiastic and say that I will make an effort to post more, but the reality is […]

What’s In My Bag?

Take a peek inside my bag and see what kind of kitchen sink I carry in it. Wink.

Songs of 2014

Songs of 2014

I feel like this year has been defined by music, for me, perhaps more so than in the previous few years. I decided to pick my top 15 tracks and put them together in a YouTube playlist to share with you all. Enjoy! Songs of […]

Mini Fashion & Beauty Haul Video

I did a spot of shopping the other day and came home with a bunch of beauty and clothes. Er…oops? Enjoy!

Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2014

I have six nieces and nephews and shopping for them at Christmas (and birthdays) is one of my favourite things to do. If you are anything like me, though, you might get stuck picking out the best gifts for a child – there is so […]