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planning, lifestyle, etc.

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February Faves Time

It’s that time again – a.k.a., I made a faves video for the first time in forever. Funny story, I did film and almost entirely edit a 2015 faves video, but I was so terrible on camera that day that I couldn’t bear to actually […]

Lush Favourites

I’m a bit obsessed with Lush. Have been since 2003, when my eldest sister posted me a bunch of Lush body glitter melts when she was studying at Oxford. New Zealand didn’t have Lush back then, but now my local mall has a store and […]

January Favourites 2015

My January favourites are here! I’ve been into some body, hair, skincare, nails, makeup and scrapbooking things this month. Enjoy!

December Favourites 2014

It’s that time again! I can’t believe how fast December has gone, that it’s Christmas tomorrow, and that 2014 is almost over. Where on earth has it gone? Anyway, for the lowdown on what I’ve been enjoying throughout the month, have a watch. Enjoy! Merry […]

November Favourites

It’s November favourites time. This month I’ve been loving some old-fave makeup products as well as something for the home and something to watch.